HIV/AIDS prevention and control act(HAPCA) booklet

The HIV/AIDS Prevention, Management and Control Act (HAPCA) provides for measures for the prevention, management and control of HIV and AIDS protection and promotion of public health and for appropriate treatment, counselling, support and care of persons infected or at risk of HIV and AIDS infection, and for other connected purposes.

AIDS Law Project in partnership and with support of relevant organizations and persons has been able to develop a simplified version of the Act. This is so as to make it easily readable, understandable and palatable to people who do not profess to any legal training or background.

The HIV/AIDS Prevention, Management and Control Act (HAPCA) booklet is available online. You can now download it from Aids law project website link provided below.The booklet has been distributed to various human rights partners and to the society.A community radio will be used to educate and pass the information to the public about the Act.

The Booklet can be downloaded below;

Download HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Act ALP Booklet

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