Government of Kenya’s Second Medium Term Plan (2013-2017)

The Second Medium Term Plan 2013 – 2017 (MTP) of Vision 2030 identifies key policy actions, reforms, programmes and projects that the Government will implement in the 2013-2017 period in line with its priorities, the Kenya 2010 constitution and the long-term objective of Vision 2030. Accordingly, the theme of this MTP is Transforming Kenya: Pathway to Devolution, Socio-Economic Development, Equity and National Unity.The MTP gives priority to devolution as spelt out in our constitution and to more rapid socio-economic development with equity as a tool for building national unity). The Second MTP also aims to build on the successes of the first MTP (2008-2012), particularly in increasing the scale and pace of economic transformation through infrastructure development, and strategic emphasis on priority sectors under the economic and social pillars of Vision 2030. Under this MTP, transformation of the economy is pegged on rapid economic growth on a stable macro-economic environment, modernisation of our infrastructure, diversification and commercialisation of agriculture, food security, a higher contribution of manufacturing to our GDP, wider access to African and global markets, wider access for Kenyans to better quality education and health care, job creation targeting unemployed youth, provision of better housing and provision of improved water sources and sanitation to Kenyan households that presently lack these. In doing all this, Kenya will pay full attention to securing our environment and building our resilience to climate change. Much of this will be done in collaboration with county governments and new urban management boards as provided for under the constitution and our laws. The overall aim of the plan is that by 2018 Kenyan families will have experienced a positive transformation in their earnings and quality of their livelihoods, and Kenya will be a more united, more prosperous society commanding respect in African and the world.

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