AIDS Law Project in partnership with various other organizations is setting up a discussion forum on sexual reproductive health rights. The forum, a first of its kind in the region, seeks to engage various law students in a discussion that will see an exposition as to how law relates to sexual reproductive health. The forum seeks to get information as to the disparities that exist between the legal provisions on sexual reproductive health and the real life experiences.

The main topical areas to be discussed are:

·         The legal provisions on sexual and reproductive rights

This will include the various provisions in the statutes and treaties in which Kenya has ratified on the issue of sexual and reproductive health. This ranges from The Constitution, Sexual Offences Act, Penal Code, CEDAW and other international conventions

·         The link between HIV, sexual reproductive health and the law

The HIV/AIDS Prevention and Control Act, Issues of generic medicine, working with key populations, practices eg FGM etc

·         Issues and trends emerging in sexual and reproductive health

Does the law have any business in regulating the emerging trends and issues such as contraception, abortion, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Transgender community, importance of responsible sexual living in an overly sexualized community.

·         Advances made in sexual reproductive health sector

Should the law incorporate sex education in the school curriculum, the Aunty Jade call line?

·         Question and answer session with the students

Kindly Purpose to attend!!!

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