ALP Staff

JACINTA NYACHAEEXECUTIVE DIRECTORResponsible for directing the administration of the organization, designing, formulating and implementing the programmes goals and objectives. Advocate of the High Court. Has experience in human rights issues with a special interest in HIV and AIDS.
GEORGE KIRIAGOFINANCIAL OFFICERResponsible for all aspects of financial management. He is a Certified Public Accountant of Kenya with a wide range of experience in Cost and Management Accounting Systems.
TERRY ROTICHPROGRAM OFFICERAn Advocate of the High Court. Responsible for the Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines Program. Holds a Bachelor of Laws Degree (Honors) from Moi University and a Postgraduate Diploma from Kenya School of Law. Has handled Pro Bono work on Human Rights cases. Worked with various Human Right’s NGO’s.
MAUREEN MILANGAAVAC FELLOWShe is the 2013 AVAC Fellow. Has a Diploma in law, works with communities in creating awareness about HIV, training communities, advocacy campaigns; general officer administrative skills. A legal student, motivated by her surroundings and with a passion for human rights. She puts the legal skills she has acquired to fight for the rights of people living with HIV/AIDS. She aids by helping in working on legislation that will better the lives of people living with HIV/AIDS and by empowering them with knowledge of their rights.

TEDDY ONYANGOPROGRAM ASSOCIATEHolds a Bachelors Degree in Law from the University of Nairobi. Assists the Program officer in charge of Intellectual Property and Access to Essential Medicines Program. Has worked with various communities in creating awareness.
KATE KIAMAPROGRAM ASSOCIATE/ ATLAS CORPS FELLOW 2014Holds a a Bachelor of Law Degree from the University of London as well as a Diploma from the Institute of Legal Executives UK.She has experience in mentoring young adolescent girls as well as Intellectual Property Law.She aided in the setting up of the Aids Law Project IP database for patented ARVs.
JOY MUTHONIPROGRAM ASSOCIATEA fourth Year student of Law at the University of Nairobi. She assists the Program Officer in charge of Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines in the running of the Program. She is also a passionate Human Rights activists on issues around Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.
PHILLIP MULONGOOFFICE ASSISTANTHandles all the administrative matters of the office. Has experience Working with communities, has training as a social worker. Started first as a volunteer community worker at ALP.
PATRICIA ASEROPARALEGALHas worked with various organizations dealing with PLWHAs. She has immense experience with PLWHAs and was also one of the Petitioners in the Case challenging the unconstitutional sections of the Anti-Counterfeit Act. Has assisted ALP in a lot of the Legal Aid Literacy Trainings.
VOLUNTEER LAWYERS AND STUDENTSALP also has volunteer lawyers and students. ALP provides an opportunity for young lawyers to nurture their skills in community work through internships.


  1. Am impressed by your great work wish to volunteer with you as a new advocate,and a Nurse at knh

  2. hi am impressed with your work and i would like to volunteer to work with you,am a law student in moi university .

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