HIV/AIDS prevention and control act(HAPCA) booklet

HIV/AIDS prevention and control act (HAPCA) booklet is available online,You can now download it from Aids law project website link.The booklet has been distributed to various human rights partners and to the society.A community radio will be used to educate and pass the information to the public about the act,Aids Law project is to establish networks within radio stations. Continue reading

I am a newly graduated nursing student getting ready to sit for the Nursing Board Exams. Do I have to notify the board that I am HIV+? On the application there is a question that asks “In the past 5 years have you been diagnosed or treated for a physical

Ask your doctor to write a short note that you can attach to the application. In the short note on his/her own letterhead, the doc should make one statement:”I have not diagnosed X as having any physical impairment, nor am I treating X for any physical impairment.”

That’s the only way I know to avoid the trap of being accused of lying on an application when a different person or different doc looks at the issue later on. Continue reading