CSO’s opposed tax on medicines


The matter came up for hearing on the 15th March 2011; this was a mention to confirm whether the parties had agreed to the consent.

Mr. Munge was present for the respondents; Ms. Onyango Oduor was present for KMA , Mr. Omwanza for the interested parties ( CSO’s), Mr. Otieno for the pharmaceutical association, and Mr. Mutinda for the state.

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HIV/AIDS prevention and control act(HAPCA) booklet

HIV/AIDS prevention and control act (HAPCA) booklet is available online,You can now download it from Aids law project website link.The booklet has been distributed to various human rights partners and to the society.A community radio will be used to educate and pass the information to the public about the act,Aids Law project is to establish networks within radio stations. Continue reading

Strategic Litigation

Section 24: Aids Law project tried to mobilize different partners to strategize on areas of advocacy i.e. NEPHAK, IPPF (support in international advocacy). The date given for the budgetary fund to be released for the HIV tribunal is the 31st of January. Tess is to find out when the operationalization of the tribunal will be from National Aids control council (NACC).
Taxation (2%) on Anti ARV’s and essential drugs: ALP wants it to stay from operating. An organization has gone to court to seek an injunction Continue reading

Patricia Asero Ochieng and 3 others and AIDS Law Project (interested party) versus Attorney General

The petitioners moved to court seeking declarations that there fundamental rights under section 70 and 71 of the constitution had been infringed with the implementation of the Anti counterfeit Act, 2008. Aids Law Project was enjoined as an interested party, applied to have section 2,32 and 34 of the Counterfeit Act No. 13 of 2008 to be stayed pending the hearing and determination of the petition. Further there was an application filed to enjoin the anti counterfeit agency as the second respondent and the court grant conservatory orders staying section2,32and 34 of the act

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I am a newly graduated nursing student getting ready to sit for the Nursing Board Exams. Do I have to notify the board that I am HIV+? On the application there is a question that asks “In the past 5 years have you been diagnosed or treated for a physical

Ask your doctor to write a short note that you can attach to the application. In the short note on his/her own letterhead, the doc should make one statement:”I have not diagnosed X as having any physical impairment, nor am I treating X for any physical impairment.”

That’s the only way I know to avoid the trap of being accused of lying on an application when a different person or different doc looks at the issue later on. Continue reading

I have searched everywhere for information on being HIV + and working in the medical field. I am a nurse and have been restricted from doing IV’s, Blood draws, etc. What are the rules?

All health care workers are required to follow infection control practices and these are outlined in Policies of the institution. It does not make a difference if you have HIV, HEP C, etc. you still follow the guidelines that will help to prevent every patient from any potential infection, blood borne or otherwise. Continue reading